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John Houck, J. Fisk, 2016

J. Fisk, 2016


JOHN HOUCK in How to be being

January 13 – February 18, 2017

Super Dakota
45 rue Washington / Washingtonstraat
B – 1050 Brussels

Super Dakota is pleased to present “How to be being,” a collective exhibition co-conceived with Alex Clarke. The exhibition will be part of a program of shows spanning from January 12 until April 8, 2017.

How to be being is a show about working which groups the variant practices of Alex Clarke (UK); Pieterjan Ginckels (Belgium); Molly Eliza Gough (UK); John Houck (USA); Dean Levin (USA); Christian Vetter (Switzerland).

The show’s move from object to verb- from showing works to showing working- is something we might call ‘studio practice’. Studio practice here isn’t really about the studio- which can be anything, anywhere, anybody and therefore becomes an expanded idea that indicates when an artist is working- simply designating it as a state that states the fact that they are.

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