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John Houck, Throws Left, 2013

John Houck
Throws Left, 2014
Archival pigment print
30 by 23 inches


John Houck “Throws Left” acquired by Art Institute of Chicago

Spring 2015

Art Institute of Chicago
111 S Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603

On Stellar Rays is pleased to announce The Art Institute of Chicago has acquired Throws Left. The work is currently on view in the permanent collection / photography galleries:

John Houck creates works that simultaneously embrace and resist digital technology through the use of repetitive processes. To make Throws Left Houck began with a childhood artifact—a box of baseball cards—that for him served as a tool for exploring memory outside of psychoanalysis. The artist first photographed the cards and their box in the manner of a commercial studio arrangement. He then used the resulting print as the backdrop for a new image of the same objects, repeating this process several times while modifying the composition or object in each iteration. The final image appears collaged or digitally altered but is in fact free of any such interventions. Instead, the spatially puzzling, multilayered composition reflects the idea that memory is rarely a product of systematized facts or data.
-Permanent collection label

For more information visit Art Institute of Chicago.