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JJ PEET, Martha_PROXY_Cup, 2014

Martha_PROXY_Cup, 2014
3-1/2 by 3-1/4 by 3-1/4 inches


JJ PEET PROXY Cup Barter Station _3

Saturday, April 11, 4 – 6 pm

On Stellar Rays
1 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

“PROXY Cup: A proxy cup is a transfer of a LIFEFORM into a functional vessel.
A proxy cup is made by grabbing a fist-sized ball of clay. This ball of clay is pinched and formed in the hand with all of the energy from my body and made into a primary drinking vessel. If this process doesn’t work, that same ball of clay is ripped apart and reformed and the process starts again and repeats until I have successfully transferred my lifeform into the object. Then we have what is called a proxy cup.

A proxy cup is a JJ PEET. A proxy is an agent or substitute authorized.

Distribution of Proxy Cup:
-Proxy cups are for barter only
-1 per person
-They are your primary drinking vessel
-The barter happens at a station”

JJ PEET, Spring 2015