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Debo Eilers


Debo Eilers at “Psycho-Materialism” at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

October 17 – October 19

Bergstraße 1
27726 Worpswede, Germany

Tim Voss, initiator of ´Die Kolonie’, a project of the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, has invited the art historian and theorist Kerstin Stakemeier to assemble a three-day international symposium in Worpswede that will bring those divergent discussions together on the basis of one point of intersection: we want to focus on the materialities of the riven subject of our present. At this English-language symposium we want to approach ‘psycho-materialism’ in the form of introductions, lectures, workshops, screenings and performances. What determines individuations in the midst of this crisis-ridden panorama? What is the psycho-materialism of the now? What became of the ‘psychopathological alienation’ (Gilbert Simondon) of humankind under capitalism? We want to discuss the subjective side of the materialist equation of crisis together with ten international participants.

For more information visit Worpswede.